Still pinching myself.

I waited for a day to make this post, to make sure there was no mistake.

I got in to MIT. I suppose its hard to communicate how excited I am about this. It's been a major goal since middle school, but always kind of the ideal that I shot for, never expecting to really make it. Now I'm in. Surreal feeling, let me tell you.

I plan to apply a few other places, and I'll give them fair hearing in the spring if I get in, but there's a major part of me that just wants to tell MIT yes and be done. I mean, it's MIT. Come on.

I was really touched today by the sheer number of people who contacted me to see whether I got in, did a little jig when I said yes, or told me today they'd had little panic attacks on my behalf (though that's kinda perverse sounding when I think about it). I didn't know so many people cared. Thanks guys (not exactly like anyone reads this though. ).

I admit, I've let this blog lie fallow. In the interest of not becoming this guy, I'm going to leave that statement there, and move on. I've certainly got some exciting things (I think) to talk about: I've built a 3D scanner in the past year, I've collected gaboodles of interesting math problems (harder than the ones I've posted so far), and I'm looking around for a new project. I may even post some more sketches soon. In any case, I think I'll post more often unless circumstances change.


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