Cellular Turing Machines(Physics Simulation)

If everything works as planned, we've go our creature all the way manufactured, popped out, everything. It's sitting in the environment, ready to rock and roll. Now what?


I only wish you could dream.

May God us keep From Single vision & Newtons sleep.
—William Blake
   Science is amazing. Think about it, take a look around, and hopefully you'll see what I mean. Heck, don't take a look around. Stare straight at these words on this screen, and realize how incredible it is that we can control electrons to such a degree we can make them take these words from my screen onto yours. It's something almost laughably absurd, it's absolutely ludicrous, but it's reality, the reality we live in because of the generations of scientists who first messed around with amber and cat fur. We owe our modern standard of life to the generations that sought not just to live in, but also to understand the universe and to the people who wrenched every drop out of our collective knowledge and back into the bucket of tools we have to confront and observe the natural world.