Yet another sketch...

This time from my sophmore biology lab book. This is a sketch of a bullfrog hand from when we were doing dissections. I've got quite a few sketches from my lab book, so I'll post them periodically.


Math Puzzler #2

Take a power of two. Rearrange the digits. Can you ever have a second power of two? For simple problem, neglect leading zeros. For a harder one (which I haven't yet solved), don't.

Solutions after the jump.


Another sketch...

Normally, I can't draw anything. I really can't. No perspective, and my scaling is horrible. Once in a while though, something just comes out. This picture came out yesterday. It's not great, but hey, it's better than most of my scribbles! I was thinking about fruit flies and dinosaurs, and I drew this in the midst of my randomness. So here it is. Enjoy!