What is about to happen.

Starting next week (and possibly this week for practice) you can expect to see two new articles per week (posted on Saturdays?)on current events in science along with some reasons you should care.
As part of my first semester at MIT, I'm taking a Science Journalism class. Part of this class is the creation (and weekly updating) of a blog on science, medicine, technology, and related topics.
Ninjinuity wasn't meant to be this sort of blog when I created it. It obviously isn't exactly this sort of blog right now. Going forward, however, I can only imagine that I will continue to spend time on STEM topics, and I can only imagine that I'll need to be in the practice of expressing myself cogently on them.
This is the reason I enrolled in Science Journalism. Even without the course, weekly blogging on what interests me in current science seems like an excellent idea.
There probably isn't going to be much else posted for a while. If I get the time to clean and post some sketches, great. If I get the chance to work on the 3D scanner code or some other project, that'll show up here too.
The honest fact is that time at MIT is valuble. The coursework is quite doable, but even once your work is done there's no end to the cool stuff to do in your free time here. Blogging for fun comes in low on the list.
That's all. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to tool out this 18.03 Pset, then head to career fair.

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