Fear my pixelated magic!

I got bored with my header, and decided to make a new one. Made with GIMP (From scratch!), uploaded to Dropbox, done. I wish I'd been able to give my ninja alter ego a slightly better left foot, but overall I'm happy with how it turned out.
I've also changed titles and dates over to a visually-consistent font with the font-family command. At the moment, this won't show up on firefox because my font files are hosted on dropbox and firefox won't show externally loaded fonts. I'll be tinkering around with this a little more.


  1. Pixel art, fuck yeah!

    Also, your headers are in flash (sIFR), you might want to check out how to get web browsers to auto-download the font with CSS3. I think there's a good example how to do that here: http://www.css3.info/font-face-fonts-the-way-you-want-them/, although I'm not sure how much customization Blogger (or I guess it's now 'Google Blogs') allows for, CSS wise.

  2. Thanks
    I definitely will check that out. The way it works now is very hacky, but it was fast (I know they're in flash... converting the .ttl file was the hardest part, actually!).
    I'm pretty sure I have full access to my blog's HTML, so long as I host the necessary files elsewhere.